Membership and Utilization

Academic and administrative staff and students of our university are the natural members of our library. Newly registered students are required to come to the library and ask the reception librarian to activate their account.

Our external users who want to benefit from our library can start to use our library actively after completing the external user form on the forms tab and signing it to the Library and Documentation Department.

Library Utilization Rules for External Users:

Our external users who will use the library for research purposes are only academicians who work as faculty members.
❖ Our external users cannot benefit from the lending service and cannot take any materials out of the library.
❖ Users can access databases from computers on campus. They cannot provide off-campus access. (They can access from the guest user network.)
❖ Legal proceedings are initiated against users who damage any kind of material in the library and / or attempt to remove unauthorized material out of the library.
❖ No group work and no audible work outside the designated areas are allowed.
❖ Users are obliged to protect the good with them. Library cannot be held responsible for theft, disappearance, etc. that will occur.
❖ One cannot enter into the library with food or closed bottles except for water, tobacco products cannot be used.
❖ Nothing is allowed to be recorded with devices such as camera, movie camera, etc. in the library without permission.
❖ Personal belongings cannot be left in desks or individual study rooms.
❖ The equipment (table, chair, etc.) in the library can only be moved by the staff.
❖ Talking on the mobile phones is not allowed in the library. The mobile phones are set to silent during the library.
❖ If deemed necessary by the Department of Library and Documentation, the rules may be revised.
❖ All users are obliged to follow the library rules.