1How do I enroll in the library?
The staff and students of our university are natural members of our library. It is sufficient for them to show their personnel or student ID cards in order to activate their membership.
2How can library publications be borrowed?
You can obtain the publications you have identified from the catalog scan and received from the shelf by showing your university ID card from the staff at the borrowing desk.
3Can I borrow on behalf of someone else, or can I extend the use period of the resource?
The user must apply for borrowing a publication and extending the use period. Only returns can be made on behalf of someone else.
4How long is the period of the publication I borrowed? Can an extension be made?
The duration of the borrowed material is 30 days for students and 45 days for staff. The extension process can be made by applying to the Borrowing Desk before the return date of the publication, if it is not reserved by another user and the user does not have a penalty.
5What should I do if I cannot find the book I want?
First, the status of the publication should be checked by scanning the Library Catalog computer again. Make sure from the available information that it is not borrowed by another user. If the publication cannot be found on the shelf even if it is not borrowed by someone else, the Borrowing Desk is applied.
6How are the books placed on shelves?
Our library uses the LC (Library of Congress) Classification System. The books were placed on shelves subjectively on an open shelf basis. Thus, the books containing the same subject are brought together.
7Can I borrow Periodicals?
Current issues of periodicals are not borrowed. Previous issues can be borrowed.
8Why is there a delay penalty in the library?
Daily penalties for delayed materials aim to ensure timely return or renewal of materials. In the case of overdue reserve materials, the penalty is applied for each delayed time or time zone.
9Can I use the Wireless Network?
Wireless network services are provided within the campus for laptop users.
10Who can benefit from the interlibrary borrowing service?
This service is available to Medipol University students, academic and administrative staff.
11Can I request to order books or other materials? Who can I contact about this?
Our university staff can request books by using library automation. Our students can also send their book orders with the Book Request Form to the e-mail address [email protected].
12How do I find articles on my subject?
Select the databases for your topic from the Databases link and use the keywords that best match your topic during the database scan.
13Can I bring food and drinks to the library?
Food and beverage may not be consumed in the library except water.
14Should I put the publications I read on their places on the shelf?
In order to avoid confusion you should not put the books you read on the shelf, but leave them on the table. Staff will place the publications where they should be.