16 November 2022

Legalin Law Terms Database is on Trial Access Until December, 31!   Off-campus access: https://ekutuphane.medipol.edu.tr On-campus access: https://academic.legaling.net
21 November 2022

Lecturio is on trial access until December, 21.   6.500+ education videos 400+ 3D modelling 1.300+ textbook articles IOS and Android apps   On-campus access: https://medipoluni.lecturio.com […]
6 December 2022

Osmosis Academics access link: https://www.osmosis.org/cohort-invite?id=2385&k=nzkhbeZ3SRKLTXf1hLFLPVfHQI2U3d1T *Academics must use their Medipol email adress for registiration (…@medipol.edu.tr ).   Student access Link: https://www.osmosis.org/cohort-invite?id=2383&k=vAfuv4lJQoi-kRNnQHZdUAcURdK_Djyn *Students must use their Medipol […]
6 February 2023

Annual Reviews database has been opened to the access of our university!   Off-campus access: https://ekutuphane.medipol.edu.tr/ On-campus access: www.annualreviews.org