TUBESS – Turkish Document Provision and Lending System

*What is TUBESS?

In order to meet the academic information needs of researchers in our country, It is a “National Document Delivery Network” that enables the sharing of resources by means of photocopying and / or lending between YOK Thesis Center or information centers / institutions through the collective catalog (TO-KAT). TUBESS aims to cooperate in resource sharing of information centers in our country in order to meet the academic information needs of users. The sharing of resources will be carried out in the form of photocopying and lending through the Document Delivery Units of the information center included in TUBESS.


* Who can benefit from TUBESS?
All academic / administrative staff and students at Istanbul Medipol University can benefit from it.


* What are the TUBESS fees?
Document supply photocopy / lending fees will vary according to each institution’s own fee policy.


* What can I request?
Requests for articles, books and theses can be made. Due to copyrights, resources cannot be photocopied as a whole.

Theses written at different universities, of which full text cannot be downloaded from the YÖK thesis Center, are provided from YÖK through the Turkish Document Provision System (TUBESS).


* How can I make a request?
-In which universities / libraries the required resource is located can be determined by National Thesis Center (YÖK Thesis Center) or TOKAT (National Collective Catalogue).
Application is made to Nevin Betül UZUN ([email protected]) via e-mail by filling the TUBESS FORM.


NOTE: Please do not request theses that are restricted in YOK thesis database by the author until a certain date.