My Pocket Library

My Pocket Library

The Library and Documentation Department of the University, in cooperation with YORDAM, has provided “MY MOBILE LIBRARY” application, which enables the library-related transactions to be performed from mobile devices.

You can download and use the app called “MY POCKET LIBRARY” from Google Play Store and Apple Store on your phones and tablets.

With the app “MY POCKET LIBRARY”;

– You can log into your library account, browse the library catalog, make book reservations,

– You can extend the period of the books you borrowed, you can see your penalty if any, you can get information about the places where the collections are located, whether the book is on the shelf or in use,

– You can access the list of books without searching the catalog by adding the books you searched to the “My Reading List” field.

When you start using the application: it will be enough that you log in with your member code (student number) and password for once.  You will be notified about the innovations and warnings in the library by notifications you will receive through the program.