Principles of borrowing

Medipol University Academic, administrative staff and students are members of our library and can borrow books. Other research users can borrow books through their university libraries.
To borrow, the user must show his / her ID. Books cannot be borrowed by showing the identity card of any other user.
Borrowing period of books; University academic and administrative staff can borrow 15 books for 45 days and students can borrow 5 books for 30 days.
Until the return of the borrowed material, all responsibility belongs to the user.
If there is no other requestor of the borrowed material, an additional return period (15 days for staff, 7 days for student) may be given for once.
The user cannot buy new material unless he / she does not return the expired material he/she retains.
If necessary, the Department may request the borrowed material back. The requested material must be returned within 3 days.
The user is obliged to use the borrowed material with care and return it on the specified date of return.

Non-borrowed materials

The following library materials cannot be borrowed: Reference resources (Encyclopedia, Bibliographies, handbooks, etc.)
Atlas, maps and so on.
Other materials determined by the Department and inappropriate to be taken out of the library.
Note:Reference sources can be borrowed for 3 hours.