1 June 2023
2 June 2023


Of-Campus Access: ekutuphane.medipol.edu.tr

On-Campus Accces: https://www.amboss.com/int/campus-access/imutf

AMBOSS is a digital resource with several components, most prominently an interactive library of 20,000 medical topics and an interlinked Question Bank with over 6,000 clinical case-based questions. Students, educators, and physicians use the tools in AMBOSS to help them achieve their learning goals as they go through the many stages of their education. AMBOSS has not only proven useful for independent study but has also successfully been integrated into medical school curriculums, supporting administrators and educators in their work with teaching students.

For Register:

  1. Register an AMBOSS account. Please use your approved @medipol.edu.tr; @std.medipol.edu.tr email address to create your account.
  2. A confirmation email will be sent to your registration address.
  3. Open the link in the confirmation email and provide your details on the registration page. Click “save” when complete.
  4. Your account will remain active as part of the IMUTF License until October 31, 2024.